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We are the Black Pistons Motorcycle Club

Loyalty, Honour & Respect.

These are the values we live our life by, If you treat us nice, we'll treat you nicer. If you treat us bad, we'll treat you worse. Never forgive, Never forget.

Many people assume that motorcycle clubs are gangs; We're not, we are a club full of like-minded men who simply want to ride our bikes together, party together and have the camaraderie that can't be found elsewhere in life.

We often travel all over the world to meet and party with our brothers from the USA, the far East and all over Europe. Even if we've never met each other before, we are Brothers, and treat each other as such.

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About Us

We are the OFFICIAL support club to the Outlaws MC 1% club - They are our brothers, our best friends, and we stand shoulder to shoulder in adversity.

The first chapters of the Black Pistons Motorcycle Club was born in Germany on the 19th of February 2002. Later, that same year we expanded into America. 

2003 saw the first chapters of the Black Pistons MC open in England. 

Read more of our history here


We have a huge range of support gear for the public, as well as items that can be bought by full members only which incorporate our back-patch (the Black Pistons MC logo).

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Lineup 2021
Upcoming (Public) Events
North Derbyshire
LineUp Rally 2024 Flyer

The 2024 LineUp rally is set to be bigger & better than ever before !

This year, we are planning outdoor competitive games, prizes, more stalls and after the success of last years fireworks, they'll be back by popular demand.

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Have you got what it takes to be part of an international Motorcycle club?

  • Do you have confidence?
  • Want to feel the camaraderie of being in a band of brothers?
  • Can you embrace Loyalty, Honour & Respect?
  • Do you enjoy parties & socialising?
  • Would you like to travel to 15+ countries, worldwide, and know you will be treated as a brother by other chapter members?